Financial Supply Chain Management 1

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Many CFOs are not yet convinced that the returns forecasted from Financial Supply Chain Management are ..... with the investment needed in terms of both the senior management effort and the capital required.

  • 2

    The present ..... is not so much about the absolute savings potential but about the time frames for payback and the need to depend on key stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

  • 3

    Many multinational corporations respond that FSCM is certainly on their ....., but they just don't have any spare resources because of their other business priorities in 2008.

  • 4

    The timing is critical, especially for the procurement people, who want these schemes in ..... place before the time comes to renegotiate contracts with their suppliers.

  • 5

    And for financial institutions, it has been ..... battle to enlighten the stakeholders in the client company and convince them to commit money and manpower to its implementation.

  • 6

    Nevertheless, financial institutions continue to work hard to get FSCM onto next year's ..... list of key initiatives for improving business performance.

  • 7

    The important concern now is how to convince the information ..... in procurement, IT, finance and operations to function more effectively together.

  • 8

    After this has been accomplished, the next ..... is their supply-chain partners.

  • 9

    In times ....., with relationships guided by letters of credit, a company's suppliers could rely on an established practice to help obtain additional bank funding.

  • 10

    One modern approach is that the buyers work with their banking partners to decrease the cost of finance for their suppliers; they see these reductions as a ..... to suppliers for extending the terms of payment.

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