Flying across the Channel

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Do you have any idea what BASE jumping .....?
  • 2
    Apparently it is an ..... where the letters in the word are the first letters of a group of words.
  • 3
    In other words the letters ..... building, antennae, span and earth, all of which you can jump from.
  • 4
    Felix Baumgartner recently basejumped out of a plane 9,000 metres ..... Dover, a port on the south coast of England.
  • 5
    He intended to ..... across the channel with a parachute and land on the coast of France near Calais.
  • 6
    He started very early in the morning so that he was able to ..... commercial flights.
  • 7
    During the flight his supporters ..... that he will have reached 200 kmh.
  • 8
    The fact remains that he ..... and managed with the help of oxygen supplies to complete the crossing in ten minutes.
  • 9
    He created a new ..... and joins Louis Bleriot, the first to fly across the channel in 37 minutes and Matthew Webb, the first to swim across in 22 hours.
  • 10
    These are amazing achievements but if like me you want comfort, warmth and food on the journey, take the ferry crossing ..... 90 minutes.

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