Foreign Shares

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... Depositary Receipts were first issued in 1928 to assist investors in the US who wanted to purchase shares in foreign corporations; they are negotiable certificates which evidence share ownership in non-US corporations.

  • 2

    An activity-based ..... system is a model which identifies activity centers in a company and then assigns costs to cost drivers based on the numbers of transactions in the process of providing each product or service.

  • 3

    The Federal ..... Committee is the monetary policy-making body of the FRS: it formulates policy to promote full employment, stable prices, economic growth and a sustainable international payments and trade.

  • 4

    The State Bank of India will raise a one-year $90 million foreign currency loan on February 2, 2008; the loan has been fixed at the rate of 27.5 basis points above LIBOR (..... inter-bank offer rate) and will be used to finance exports and repay old loans.

  • 5

    In general, we are required to take a Required Minimum ..... each year from a Traditional IRA after we reach age 70; it is calculated by dividing the December 31st fair market value of our IRA by a life expectancy factor determined with IRS tables.

  • 6

    Securities, cash and similar investments may be placed and maintained with a futures commission ..... by a fund in any amounts required to effect the fund's transactions in exchange-traded commodity options and futures contracts.

  • 7

    The sum of the years' ..... is a method of accelerated asset depreciation that deducts for greater depreciation in the earlier part of an asset's useful life and less nearer the end of it.

  • 8

    The cash income now is the ..... equivalent of a later and larger cash income that would result from the saving of the present cash.

  • 9

    The $175,000 ..... bond issued by the commissioners of the sinking fund dated August 1, 1907, bearing interest at six percent payable semiannually, remains in force, constituting a perpetual obligation of the State and the interest thereon a perpetual charge upon its Treasury.

  • 10

    Investment performance is of primary importance, but ..... investment strategy provides a safety net; if my portfolio includes investments in many sectors - real estate, gold, treasury bonds and forex markets - I can weather storms in specific sectors.

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