Future Tenses

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    What ..... be doing this time tomorrow?

  • 2

    ..... go if you like because I have to do some shopping.

  • 3

    I ..... simply wait until she comes back.

  • 4

    He was quite definite about it and assured me he ..... come.

  • 5

    If they ..... arrive late, they will have to get their own meal.

  • 6

    I really hope I ..... see you again.

  • 7

    What ..... happen to the family if he loses all his money?

  • 8

    ..... be buying the house or haven't you decided yet?

  • 9

    I'm sure they ..... get married and live happily ever afterwards.

  • 10

    What do you ..... to do when you leave school?

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