Gerund and Infinitive Practice (12)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... from college is a big deal. It's an even bigger deal when you graduate with straight As. Great job, Chris!

  • 2

    These people are forced ..... a lot of hardships. Let's raise some money for them.

  • 3

    She ..... her essay and handed it in on time.

  • 4

    Thomas ..... himself when he fell on a sharp piece of glass.

  • 5

    I tried ..... it to him again. I think he understood the process the second time. He is a slow learner, but he is persistent.

  • 6

    After years of ..... the idea of moving to the Bahamas, we finally did it last month.

  • 7

    The house was very quiet, but I was able to hear faint ..... in the other room.

  • 8

    She avoided ..... to her mother about her pregnancy because she knew her mother wouldn't be happy about it.

  • 9

    ..... organic, sustainable efforts is really important in today's world.

  • 10

    He talked me into ..... his car. It is a sweet ride.