Gerund and Infinitive Practice (7)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The instruction manual is easy ..... because it's well organized.

  • 2

    He encourages his daughter ..... a lot. He often bribes her with ice cream.

  • 3

    I stopped ..... in him last year. You can't trust him.

  • 4

    I understand ..... your job because your boss is a jerk, but I can't condone vandalizing the boss' office.

  • 5

    Her book ..... me. It changed my life.

  • 6

    I miss ..... with my kids. I don't like being on the road so much.

  • 7

    The construction crew had ..... the entire left wing of the building because they used the wrong blueprints.

  • 8

    Michael ..... a lot. He often spends hours doing so.

  • 9

    The teacher is easy ..... because she speaks slowly and clearly.

  • 10

    The health inspector threatened ..... the restaurant down if the owners didn't renovate the kitchen. It was in really poor condition.