Gerund and Infinitive Practice (8)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The doctor ..... the patient and confirmed that she had the flu.

  • 2

    We all trusted Curt, but he turned out ..... a fraud.

  • 3

    The little girl longed ..... her own room. She had to share a bedroom with her sisters.

  • 4

    I can't afford ..... that IPod for you right now, but I promise to buy it when I get paid.

  • 5

    He managed ..... more than $10,000 in two years.

  • 6

    The dog always ..... when it sees another dog.

  • 7

    I fail ..... the differences in these two pictures. They look identical to me.

  • 8

    He decided ..... Chinese because he is going to live in Beijing for one year.

  • 9

    I can't wait ..... out of this house. It's old and it stinks.

  • 10

    Sharon ..... off the lamp and went to bed.