Global Capital Management

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Rainer Rauleder and Therese Hockey, two Deutsche Bank Treasury managers, here outline practical approaches in dealing with issues relating to allocation and investment of the bank's capital, ..... measurement of regional businesses, and regulatory compliance across multiple regimes.

  • 2

    Sunrise in Auckland and another business day begins at Deutsche Bank, where members of the Treasury team located in the Asia-Pacific region take the ..... from their colleagues in the Americas managing the bank's capital and balance sheet.

  • 3

    These regional managers, specialists in their local market conventions and regulatory requirements, work with the business divisions to optimize the ..... on the bank's capital.

  • 4

    Later in the working day, the European members of the team based in the corporate center join with their colleagues to ensure that the practical ..... of the localities are aligned with the bank's strategic global issues.

  • 5

    Like Deutsche Bank, banks the world ..... are pursuing the ultimate capital framework, which will optimize the mix of capital, adequately assess capital at risk, and maximize capital growth.

  • 6

    These global banks are faced with an array of regulatory requirements, business practices, and infrastructural complexity, demanding a dynamic approach to ensure a sufficiently robust yet flexible ......

  • 7

    What is meant by the term capital? - though a seemingly basic question, the notion of capital varies, depending on the ..... being considered.

  • 8

    From an accounting standpoint, capital is just the ..... equity as it is reported on the balance sheet.

  • 9

    The regulatory view of capital expands on this by ..... for the inclusion of hybrid capital instruments, usually accounted as liabilities, and then deducting purchased goodwill.

  • 10

    While regulatory requirements will ..... a constraint on the bank's businesses, they will not determine the internal allocation of capital.

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