Global Information Systems

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    An information system can be defined as a set of interrelated components working together to collect, store, ....., process, and disseminate information for the purpose of facilitating planning, control, coordination, and decision making in businesses and other organisations (Laudon & Laudon, 1993).

  • 2

    Therefore, a global information system is an expansion of an information system that operates across geographical and time ......

  • 3

    In addition, Palvia et al. have also defined the global information system as "a computerised system which ..... the business strategy of a multinational organisation and deals with components of the international market as a single market and not as individual markets" (Palvia et al., 1992).

  • 4

    In a traditional business information system, the set of interrelated components are usually referred to as hardware, software, data, processes, and people (Shelly, 2001); however, it is necessary to consider a few additional components that are significant to information systems in the global ......

  • 5

    Functional architecture ..... all business functions covered in a global information system and defines important concepts and relationships among the components (Treese & Stewart, 1998); it is needed to allow flexibility for the development of the system in the future.

  • 6

    In a global environment, computer systems no longer consist of a single large computer servicing an organisation's needs; instead, multiple computers are used to manage and process information, and ideally, the various computers should function and be managed as a single system with the processing distributed ..... the computers.

  • 7

    The essential components of network architecture are compatible hardware and software; by ..... with the telephone system - for two households to communicate, they must use telephones that operate on the same electrical principles, with the same cabling system (hardware), and speaking the same language (software).

  • 8

    The design of any network architecture is often based upon the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) seven-layer network model (Day and Zimmermann, 1983) that was ..... by the International Standards Organisation.

  • 9

    Groupware technology is technology designed to ..... the work of groups; this technology can be applied to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, solve problems,compete, or negotiate.

  • 10

    Although management seems to be a political perspective, the organisation could be in trouble if there is no proper management scheme that oversees the operation of the GIS; global information system management can be seen as the ..... for closing the gaps between the global information system and the global business strategy.

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