Global Marketing Strategy Factors

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Going global has become the economic ..... of many organizations, according to Jonathan Elimimian, Department of Business and Economics, Johnson C. Smith University.

  • 2

    It is important to be aware of the fact that the world is so technologically complex and fast changing that it is difficult to identify the current level of global marketing changes facing ..... economies.

  • 3

    We already know that strategic alliances and ..... with different countries worldwide bring new capabilities, capacities, technologies and new strategic business ideas to these new markets.

  • 4

    Economies that are ..... global societal strategies to enter the world market will need to recognize the importance of other countries' social and cultural complexities.

  • 5

    The ..... of globalization and constant competitive shifts have increased the volatility of corporate posture both in domestic and global markets.

  • 6

    For now, the playing ..... is not equal access to global market entry between industrialized nations and emerging economies of the world.

  • 7

    Everything in the vast ..... of globalization favors the industrialized nations, which are wealthy, technologically advanced, creative and determined to dominate the world market.

  • 8

    These advanced nations are fully aware of the extra economic and technological power they possess with technologies, information, capabilities, access and knowledge of what the world market is ......

  • 9

    Global societal strategy will be ..... to all businesses worldwide as the world market is becoming closer due to advanced technological infrastructures.

  • 10

    Most evolving economies will definitely find it difficult to ..... a global market already dominated by the industrialized nations.

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