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Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Global Protocol's seminars and training will give you the techniques for ..... confidence through the way you present yourself and for controlling a variety of difficult business situations with ease.

  • 2

    Our techniques have a proven ..... record and will teach you how to inspire, lead, and succeed.

  • 3

    The Global Protocol team delivers personal ..... techniques that leverage years of experience.

  • 4

    This expertise ensures that each of our clients ..... from our program with a powerful set of skills to navigate today's diverse workplace and thrive in our global economy.

  • 5

    Through our individual and group training, hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals have ..... the benefits gained from knowing appropriate business behavior and protocol and having a confident, powerful presence.

  • 6

    Knowing and utilizing the proper code of conduct with the right professional ..... will prepare anyone for any situation.

  • 7

    Our mission at Global Protocol, Inc. is to provide both the foundation and the framework for success by building each participant's confidence and self-....., thereby improving morale and productivity and encouraging teamwork and integrity.

  • 8

    By teaching behavior modification, personal presentation, and business protocol, Global Protocol has established itself as the ..... resource for personal performance improvement and leadership development.

  • 9

    Our Topic Specialists, because they are experts in their field, add another ..... that helps our programs meet the needs of the marketplace, keeping them up to date and timely with the latest information on each given topic.

  • 10

    Tip: when faced with uncertainty, make the decision that is in the best ..... of the other individual and demonstrates good form.

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