Go for it

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    I'm sorry that looks awful - those two colours ......
  • 2
    After what you've ....., I'm sure you need a holiday.
  • 3
    We won't ..... that now but I don't think we can avoid the subject much longer.
  • 4
    ..... now that I've heard what he has done to his family.
  • 5
    My advice to you is to make your mind up before it's too late and simply ......
  • 6
    I'm afraid you've left that food too long out of the fridge and now it's ......
  • 7
    There were so many members of the political party who had ..... the leader that he resigned.
  • 8
    Don't wait for me because I can't come yet so you ..... and I'll join you later.
  • 9
    If petrol prices ..... any more, I shall have to use a bicycle.
  • 10
    I'm sorry I interrupted you, please ..... from where I so rudely stopped you.

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