Going Through a Divorce

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Some married couples decide to ..... divorced for various reasons.

  • 2

    Parents often fight for ..... of their children during divorce proceedings.

  • 3

    Eventually, both parents come to an agreement, with or without the help of family courts, about their children and they often establish ..... rights that both parents must follow by law.

  • 4

    Sometimes, one parent gets ..... custody of his/her children for a number of reasons. This is when one parent takes care of him/her on a full-time basis and the other parent gets limited parental rights.

  • 5

    Divorce causes a lot of problems for the children of unhappy couples. Sometimes, children of divorce ..... themselves for their parents' unhappiness.

  • 6

    Sometimes, a spouse ..... adultery and that's why they get divorced.

  • 7

    If a parent is not happy with custody arrangements, he/she can ..... to a higher court about the care of his/her children.

  • 8

    Some couples use irreconcilable differences as ..... for divorce.

  • 9

    Sometimes, one or both parents are found to be ..... to raise and nurture their children so a judge in family court decides what will be done with the children during and after divorce proceedings.

  • 10

    Parents have custody battles over children who are ..... because they are not yet at an age where they have full civil and adult rights.

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