California (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    California is the third ..... state in the United States. Only Texas and Alaska are bigger (in area) than California.

  • 2

    California is the ..... populated state in the US. More people live in this state than in any other one.

  • 3

    California is a highly agricultural state. Most of the nation's food comes ..... this state.

  • 4

    Some of the oldest and largest trees in the world are ..... in California. The Redwoods, on the California coast, are the tallest trees and the largest ones are located in Sequoia National Forest.

  • 5

    Sacramento ..... the capital city of California.

  • 6

    The Gold Rush ..... in California in the 19th century. Many people moved to California in order to pan for gold.

  • 7

    The climate is quite ..... in California. You can find desert, rainforest, mountainous and temperate regions in this state.

  • 8

    The San Andreas fault ..... located in California; therefore, this state experiences earthquakes from time to time.

  • 9

    California is also ..... as the Golden State because of all of the gold that was found in this area.

  • 10

    People who live in California are called ......

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