Hiring the Right Person

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In order to take on the right candidate, the employer must examine both abilities and personality, although not necessarily in that ......

  • 2

    The first step to hiring ..... is being aware of the abilities that the ideal candidate should have.

  • 3

    Before proceeding to advertisement and interviews, create a list of skills needed for the job and assign a ..... to each skill.

  • 4

    Placing a ..... on education and experience is only common sense in the hiring process.

  • 5

    If the applicant seems to be over-qualified for the position, you have found either a diamond in the ..... or someone very adept at interviews.

  • 6

    If this applicant does not have extensive practical experience in a similar position, you may rest ..... that s/he is the latter.

  • 7

    Nevertheless, occasionally a talented candidate is found who is willing to accept a position and pay ..... for which he or she is overqualified.

  • 8

    How successful the candidate will be is determined in the end by the team ..... of the group s/he becomes a part of.

  • 9

    The manager's goal is to employ individuals who are technically ..... and also have personalities that suit their team.

  • 10

    Should questions remain concerning the candidate following the traditional interview, it is then time to consult his or her ......

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