Household Items (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A ..... is used to chop, liquefy, and/or mix several food items together.

  • 2

    A ..... is used to provide light in a room.

  • 3

    A ..... is a portable unit that contains a hot surface that is used to heat and cook food.

  • 4

    A ..... heater is a portable heating unit that people use to heat up a small area or room instead of an entire house.

  • 5

    An air ..... unit is used to cool a room or house in hot weather.

  • 6

    A light ..... is normally found on a ceiling or wall. This item is used to light up an area.

  • 7

    A ..... hangs from the ceiling and lights up an area. You often find this item in a dining room.

  • 8

    A ..... disposal is located under a kitchen sink. This item grinds food up into small pieces.

  • 9

    A ..... is a machine that is found in a kitchen. A person loads this with dirty plates, glasses and silverware, and the machine uses hot water and soap to wash and rinse the dirty items.

  • 10

    A person turns a door ..... when he/she opens a door. This item makes for an easy grabbing point when someone wants to open or close a door.

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