How to describe people: attitude expressions

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    My wife is always ..... when she gets her period and becomes angry at me for no reason at all.

  • 2

    Students at the school where I teach are very ...... They always hand in their homework on time.

  • 3

    Glenn is very ...... He always helps out the underprivileged people in our community.

  • 4

    My little sister is so ..... at school that she is afraid to ask to go to the toilet.

  • 5

    Never ask Phoebe to dance while her husband is looking. He always gets so ..... of her.

  • 6

    Our new teacher is very ...... If we don't understand something, she goes over it again and again until we do.

  • 7

    I think Indonesian people are very ...... They'll always come up to you in the street and try to practice their English.

  • 8

    Barry loves to talk a lot, doesn't he? In fact, I don't think I've ever met anyone quite as ..... as him.

  • 9

    Mary's husband is very ...... He never helps her with any of the chores around the house.

  • 10

    Our English teacher at school is very ...... He is always coming up with new games that help make learning fun.

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