In a Meeting: Phrasal Verbs

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Chairman: OK, everyone. Let's get started with today's meeting. I would like to bring ..... last month's sales reports.

  • 2

    Chairman: So, let's briefly run ..... the sales' reports.

  • 3

    Chairman: After that, we'll deal ..... the upcoming conference details.

  • 4

    Employee: Can we talk about the rumors about the merger? Chairman: No, those are just rumors right now so we'll leave that ..... until I know more about it.

  • 5

    Chairman: So, let's get started on the sales' reports. Then, we'll come back ..... the conference details.

  • 6

    Chairman: Can everyone turn ..... page one of the sales' report?

  • 7

    Chairman: If you look at the sales' graphs, you can see that our analysts have spelled ..... what happened last month.

  • 8

    Chairman: You can also skim ..... the written details on the following pages.

  • 9

    Chairman: And, if you skip ..... to page 10, you can see an entire breakdown.

  • 10

    Chairman: So, now would be the time to jump ..... with any questions, concerns or suggestions about the slump we experienced last month.

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