Information Services Management

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Van Deventer and Martha Johanna explain that knowledge economy management literature is ....., but very little of the retrieved literature relates to the application of management philosophies within the library and information services industry.

  • 2

    The assumptions that ..... this research are in the first instance that, if it is not reported in the literature, it is questionable whether library and information services are implementing the new management practices.

  • 3

    For the purpose of this study it was presumed that the advantages of these knowledge economy management philosophies are ..... that they should also be applicable within the back office environment.

  • 4

    The most suitable methodology was identified as a ..... version of Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard, based on the philosophy of the intangible asset monitor and including aspects of the value chain scoreboard.

  • 5

    An opinion was ..... that the monitoring of intellectual capital growth needs to take place at both the individual and the organizational level if monitoring is to be of real objective value.

  • 6

    Implementation of the management practice (intellectual capital management) occurred in two phases and stretched over a period ..... on 18 months.

  • 7

    A situation analysis was done at the start of the research period; Kaplan and Norton's adapted scorecard framework was then utilized to ..... objectives for each of the two implementation phases.

  • 8

    An adapted version of Sveiby's Affrsvrlden model was utilized to identify specific implementation actions and initiatives to be ......

  • 9

    From the weaknesses, a number of priority actions were identified while the strengths provided a good ..... as to what could be considered the good practice that should be continued.

  • 10

    In brief, it is possible to say that intellectual capital management has been an appropriate management philosophy to use within the chosen service environment, and it is appropriate to recommend that its principles and practices be ..... out to the rest of the service unit.

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