International Claims

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    There seems to be a ..... that surrounds international accounts, says David Greenberg, Divisional Vice President International Operations Collection Services, ABC-Amega Inc: they're perceived as being difficult to collect and more complicated to handle than domestic claims.

  • 2

    The fact is that while laws may differ somewhat among countries, for the most part they are similar enough to allow for effective ....., if you know how to proceed.

  • 3

    Since most companies do not have the resources in-house to pursue collection of past due claims outside of their home country, most international claims are ..... with commercial collections firms for handling.

  • 4

    Because of the ..... collection tactics used in many countries, collection agents are viewed as thugs or gangsters in some areas of the world; as a result, overseas debtors tend to be more wary of 'collectors' and feel obliged to protect themselves from international fraud.

  • 5

    They require documentation that will assure them that the person attempting to collect the claim actually represents the creditor, so sending a copy of the placement form to the debtor can literally open ......

  • 6

    Submit the complete contract to the collection agency together with the terms and conditions; this outlines the legal basis for pursuing the claim and defines the precise entity that contracted ..... you for the sale; it will also provide valuable information as to the choice of law, forum, or venue for resolving disputes.

  • 7

    A copy of the purchase ..... provides valuable, specific details of the sale.

  • 8

    A clear statement of account, ..... into principle and interest, will allow the collection agency to define precisely how you arrived at the figure you've placed for collection.

  • 9

    Invoice copies are a ..... of specific information concerning the sale, containing terms of the sale, to whom the goods were shipped, who was billed for the goods, a description of the goods sold, and the method of transport used.

  • 10

    A well-..... credit application will provide valuable information that can assist the collection agency in pursuing payment; in addition to important banking and reference information, it contains terms, conditions, and on occasion, a signed personal guarantee.

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