Internet Business (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    It's all very well having a dream or an idea but you must know where you're going and what your ..... is.

  • 2

    Her job in the company was to sort out the relevant information thereby ..... it so that only appropriate material was sent to her directors.

  • 3

    She told him to stop wasting time by coming up with tried and tested ideas and in this way simply re-inventing the ......

  • 4

    The product had been on the market for some years and was selling well but somehow the image was in need of a face lift or ......

  • 5

    In the hope of finding fresh ideas he used the internet to help him by using as many search ..... as he could discover.

  • 6

    You must increase the sale of this commodity by trying to interest a different age range and by ..... into their society.

  • 7

    You'll never make any more money or ..... new income if you keep using that unimaginative marketing logo.

  • 8

    Now that you've explained the scope and ..... of the market, we are very keen to inject some money into your project.

  • 9

    There is always a risk in any business ..... when your scheme is based on an entirely new concept.

  • 10

    Get in there first and don't hesitate to act as the boss and take the ......

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