Internet Investing

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The Internet ..... an excellent tool for both investors and fraudsters.

  • 2

    ..... online newsletters can certainly help investors gather valuable information.

  • 3

    However, some companies pay online newsletters to ..... their stocks.

  • 4

    These newsletters will profit ..... if they convince investors to buy specific stocks.

  • 5

    The most egregious scalp the stocks they hype, ..... the price with recommendations and then selling their own holdings at an inordinate profit.

  • 6

    Internet bulletin boards ..... threads made up of numerous messages on investment opportunities.

  • 7

    A single individual can mimic widespread interest in an unknown stock with a series of posts under various ......

  • 8

    Because spam is so easy and cheap to produce, fraudsters frequently use it to find investors for ..... investment deals.

  • 9

    Many investment programs are just an internet version of the classic ..... scheme in which participants attempt to make money simply by recruiting new participants.

  • 10

    Never make an investment based ..... on what you read in emails or on the internet.

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