Intuitive Bookkeeping

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... bookkeeping can be used to account for cash and bank based systems and has the advantage of being simple and intuitive to use, but it will not account for non-cash or non-bank transactions, which have a significant effect on accounts but do not immediately cause a change in the cash or bank accounts.

  • 2

    The U.S. Virgin Islands has received its second ..... grade bond rating from Standard & Poor's; the announcement by one of the world's leading rating agencies granting its BBB- rating follows the recent announcement by Moody's to grant the territory its BAA3 rating.

  • 3

    A market ..... strategy increases your potential tax liabilities: if you sell your stocks after two good years in the market, based upon the empirical findings that a bad year is more likely to follow, then you'll have to pay capital gains taxes when you sell your stocks, and over your lifetime as an investor you will pay more in taxes.

  • 4

    The first few personnel added to a project will add a lot to productivity, after which the there is a diminishing ..... to a point where this is actually negative and growingly negative for each added person due to the communication and coordination overhead.

  • 5

    An option pricing ..... is a graphical representation of the estimated theoretical value of an option at one point in time, at various prices of the underlying stock.

  • 6

    American Funds is a ..... of 30 mutual funds and the American Funds Target Date Retirement Series with a wide range of investment objectives and a unique approach to investment management.

  • 7

    The triple ..... pattern is composed of three sharp lows, all at about the same price level: prices fall to a support level, rise, fall to that support level again, rise, and finally fall, returning to the support level for a third time before beginning an upward climb.

  • 8

    ..... deed is a legal document that helps to transfer your share of interest in the property (house, land, mobile home, etc) to another person; while the interest is transferred, no warranty is made that the grantor actually has ownership rights on the property or that the property is free of debt.

  • 9

    The major benefit of having ..... risk is that it gives you the ability to stick with an option trade no matter how far the market goes against you, or how volatile the market becomes; there is no margin to pay like in futures and you cannot be stopped out of your position on a minor correction.

  • 10

    WebSideStory Investor .....: Our goal is to present existing and potential investors with an accurate portrayal of the company's performance and prospects; come here to find the latest financial news and information about us, including earnings announcements, webcasts and more.

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