Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The Anglo-American fund management company Invesco has proposed moving its ..... listing from London to New York following the recent loss of its foreign private issuer status in the United States.

  • 2

    Stocks are tax ..... when you consider that the taxes do not have to be paid until they are sold and you take profits; then you pay short-term capital gains tax if you've held the stock less than a year or long-term capital gains tax if you've held the stock longer, and the difference in these taxes is significant.

  • 3

    Generally speaking, the .....-Squared of a manager versus a benchmark is a measure of how closely related the variance of the manager returns and the variance of the benchmark returns are.

  • 4

    The capital markets continued to be volatile during the quarter, as concerns about sub-prime mortgages, the economy and terrorism ebbed and flowed; by quarter end, bond yields had increased modestly in what can be described as a ..... (e.g. long rates increased more than shorter rates).

  • 5

    Genelabs Technologies Inc said it would raise about $23.7 million in ..... financing; the biopharmaceutical company said several institutional investors agreed to purchase about 12.9 million common shares and warrants to purchase about 2.6 million common shares, for $1.84 a unit.

  • 6

    ..... stock is a stock of a company which is inferior to a blue chip in some way, such as by being lower quality, being higher risk or having smaller market capitalization.

  • 7

    Instead of a bid and ask price where there is a definable spread, a ..... market is one where all trades, whether buys or sells, go through at the same price.

  • 8

    To calculate ..... per common share: (share capital of common stock + contributed surplus + retained earnings) / number of common shares outstanding.

  • 9

    The controlling shareholder of the company that owns the Chicago Sun-Times offered to give up his control: Conrad Black said he would consider putting into ..... trust his shares of Hollinger Inc, which would put Hollinger in the hands of people independent of Black and not involved in the current litigation against him.

  • 10

    The benefit of a .....-limit order is that the investor can control the price at which the trade will get executed, but the order may never get filled if the stock's price never reaches the specified limit price; this may happen especially in fast-moving markets where prices fluctuate wildly.

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