Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Initial public offerings (IPOs) are primary ..... by companies that were not publicly traded prior to the offering.

  • 2

    The dollar amount of a depository institution's reserve ..... is determined by applying the reserve ratios specified in the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation D to an institution's reservable liabilities.

  • 3

    In order to create a ..... chart, you must have a data set that contains open, high, low and close values for each time period you want to display; the hollow or filled portion is called the 'body', while the long thin lines above and below the body represent the high/low range and are called 'shadows' (or 'wicks' and 'tails').

  • 4

    Workers in .....-employer plans who switch employers end up with smaller retirement checks because their pension from the first employer is frozen and they must start over earning retirement benefits.

  • 5

    ..... is the process of taking private property for public use through the power of eminent domain; when private property is taken by the government, the owner is entitled to receive just compensation.

  • 6

    A tax ..... is an investment strategy designed to allow you to take a tax loss in your portfolio while at the same time adjusting factors such as credit quality, maturity, etc. to better meet your current needs and the outlook of the market.

  • 7

    A transaction is ..... if it increases the number of shares outstanding for a corporation, and for this reason, a transaction is also said to be so if it reduces earnings per share, since the denominator of this ratio is the number of shares outstanding.

  • 8

    Even though the mutual fund investor is not legally bound, ..... accumulation plan may have some requirements, such as a minimum number of purchases per year or a minimum annual investment amount; the investor should be aware of this, and decide whether an open account might be more suitable.

  • 9

    Investors must ask, "What am I paying for and what should I expect in return as a Genentech shareholder?"; I believe that most prudent long-term investors will conclude that they're paying for a great company, but one that's so ..... valued it won't deliver the kind of returns that will make its considerable risks worthwhile.

  • 10

    MidAmerica ..... Exchange, founded in 1868, is the fourth-largest in the US, providing futures contracts, mostly in agricultural products such as pigs, oats and soya beans, and also in precious metals and some financial products.

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