Job Advertising

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Industry-....., or niche, employment websites are proliferating as places for companies to locate qualified personnel.

  • 2

    Niche sites present a large ..... of qualified job-seekers.

  • 3

    The internet, in comparison to other advertising media, gives its users a broader ......

  • 4

    The internet produces results faster and more cheaply than other ..... advertising media.

  • 5

    Companies these days look at internet job advertising as an ..... part of their staffing efforts.

  • 6

    Advertising positions on employment websites can generate a lot of ..... from potential candidates.

  • 7

    But general sites often produce an insufficient number of qualified applicants, making the process relatively time ..... for the results seen.

  • 8

    Niche site marketing targets executives and professionals of the industry ......

  • 9

    Advertisements both on niche sites and using more conventional methods are a part of a well- ..... staffing campaign.

  • 10

    Niche sites often include job postings, comparative salary scales, curriculum vitae databases, and ......

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