Job Interviews

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The first interview for the candidate is the ..... interview, which is used to ascertain whether s/he matches the position's minimum qualifications.

  • 2

    The interviewer(s) will have the applicant's resume in ..... and attempt to confirm the information it contains.

  • 3

    The selection interview is worrisome for most candidates: although they may have the requisite skills, the company now determines whether they have the personality to ..... into the group.

  • 4

    A candidate who does not interact positively with supervisors and co-workers may ..... the operations of a whole section.

  • 5

    A group interview is one in which the interviewer(s) attempt to distinguish the ..... from the followers.

  • 6

    When a panel interview is ....., the candidate is interviewed by several people at the same time.

  • 7

    The candidate should make eye ..... with each member of the panel as s/he answers the panelist's question.

  • 8

    One technique the applicant should be aware of is the stress interview, which is occasionally used to ..... out those who are unable to deal with adverse situations.

  • 9

    Stress may be introduced into this kind of interview by asking strange questions or by reacting to the candidate's responses with ......

  • 10

    In a stress interview, the candidate has only two choices: play ..... or refuse such bad treatment by terminating the interview.

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