Keeping it Quiet

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    As it was very late when he came home he was as quiet as a ..... in order not to wake anybody up.
  • 2
    As she was on a very dangerous mission for the government she had to keep ..... about what she did for a living.
  • 3
    There were lots of rumours about what the son had done but as it was a very wealthy family the father tried very hard to ..... everything up.
  • 4
    If you want me to say nothing about it, I promise that if anybody asks then my lips are ......
  • 5
    As far as I'm concerned to be away from traffic, phones and radios on holiday is perfect bliss because to me silence is ......
  • 6
    The so-called ..... majority are the vast number of people who don't actually go out on the street and protest.
  • 7
    The hall was full of people anxious to hear what the speaker was going to say and in the few seconds before he started it was so quiet you could hear a ..... drop.
  • 8
    The rescuers tried desperately to listen out for people trapped in the wreckage but sadly the cries of those trapped were ......
  • 9
    The villagers complained about the noise from the daily bell ringing practice from the church and asked if it could somehow be ......
  • 10
    In view of the embarrassment that might be caused if the story came out, she promised not to ..... a word about it.

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