Late at the Office

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  • 1

    Mary could always be trusted on to be late for work.

  • 2

    Her office supervisor had a special attendance book and in it she painted a line at quarter past nine.

  • 3

    Anyone who arrived after that timing had to sign below the line and was therefore late.

  • 4

    Ms Primshaw checked the book at the end of each month and without failing Mary's signature was always below the line.

  • 5

    In desolation Ms Primshaw hoped she would be able to make one last effort to help Mary.

  • 6

    She told Mary that her lateness was now outside a joke and she had to try very hard to get up earlier.

  • 7

    As her very last chance to keep her job Mary had to be on time for at last one day.

  • 8

    But it didn't function at all because again and again Mary found herself signing below the famous line.

  • 9

    Then there happened what can only be depicted as a miracle because she arrived at the office at nine.

  • 10

    There was however one small matter that Mary had overseen the day she was early because the office was shut as it was Sunday.