Latin America's Lack of Competitiveness

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    After 59 months of uninterrupted expansion, investors in Latin America keep ..... themselves and wondering out loud, "When will it end?"

  • 2

    The recent financial market correction felt around the world on the heels of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis brought many a dooms-dayer to the ..... with predictions of currency slippage and spiking interest rates, says John Price of InfoAmericas.

  • 3

    But Latin America is far less ..... than it used to be to contagion, politically-inspired capital flight, or drastic currency corrections; the region will not fall from one fatal blow, but it does risk death by a thousand cuts if it fails to reform itself into a more competitive economy.

  • 4

    The reforms of the 1990s have proven their worth in this time of plenty: by shrinking government, professionalizing monetary policy, floating currencies and freeing capital markets, the money entering the region is staying ......

  • 5

    Even in today's populist social environment, political leaders have made fiscal discipline and conservative monetary policy ..... of their economic strategies.

  • 6

    Bolivia's president, Evo Morales, hardly a ..... of commerce, remarked soon after taking office that "inflation and corruption hurt the poor the most".

  • 7

    If Latin America is doing so well, why can't it compete? - even the region's economic darling, Chile, is dropping like a ..... in global competitiveness rankings.

  • 8

    Return on investment in a country is driven by productivity, and in Latin America, productivity performance is the .....: from 2003 to 2005, Latin American economies, when measured in dollars, expanded by an astonishing 53% but their productivity over the same three years grew by less than 4%.

  • 9

    Today's winning industries in Latin America, such as mining (which attracted an impressive 23% of global exploration investment in 2006), metals, energy and agrifood, together provide little ..... to government to keep trade open.

  • 10

    The nail in the ..... for free trade thinking in Latin America could come from a rejection by Washington politicians of proposed trade agreements with Peru, Colombia and Panama.

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