Letter of Complaint (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    I am writing this letter to you as a sort of last ..... since all my attempts to phone you
  • 2
    and to try and make an ..... to meet you and discuss my problem with you have been unsuccessful.
  • 3
    I would like to tell you the story from the ..... beginning.
  • 4
    In January this year I bought a washing machine from you for which I paid .....
  • 5
    and made ..... for it to be delivered to my home in Southcote on the following Tuesday.
  • 6
    I stayed in all day on ..... as you had informed me that you could not be sure at what time of day the washing machine would arrive.
  • 7
    In the end nobody came that day. When I phoned, I was told it ..... come the following Tuesday.
  • 8
    Again I stayed in all day in ..... and there was no delivery.
  • 9
    After six more phone calls I ..... succeeded in settling on a date
  • 10
    and the machine came on Tuesday February 20th - almost 5 weeks after the ..... delivery date.

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