Letter of Complaint (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    We now move on to late March when I imagine that the sick employees were fully .....
  • 2
    and one of your technical staff came out to see me with the intention of replacing the ..... part.
  • 3
    Unfortunately he had ..... the wrong part with him
  • 4
    and was very ..... as to when he would be able to find the right part and get it back to me.
  • 5
    Another visit took ..... in late April but the engineer, although he had got the right part with him, was unable to make the washing machine work.
  • 6
    It was at this stage that I was seriously considering getting ..... of the machine
  • 7
    and asking for a .....
  • 8
    When I ..... this matter with one of your staff
  • 9
    I was informed that this was out of the .....
  • 10
    and they would send someone in the '..... future'.

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