Letter Writing (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Dear all, just to let you know that we reached our ..... after a dramatic start.
  • 2
    I could say that we are having a wonderful time but that would be ..... from the truth.
  • 3
    Everything started to go wrong the moment we arrived at the airport because of the industrial ..... taken by the baggage handlers.
  • 4
    These baggage handlers had decided they didn't want to ..... our cases on to the plane.
  • 5
    The result of this was that we were held ..... for six hours in the departure lounge waiting for the end of the dispute.
  • 6
    By the time the plane took off as you can ....., we were all tired, hungry and miserable.
  • 7
    When we eventually arrived at the hotel, we had to ..... our luggage at reception.
  • 8
    The big problem was that our luggage wasn't there - it had simply ......
  • 9
    Our first day was spent in the local shops ..... all the things that we believed we had brought with us.
  • 10
    On the last day of our holiday the manager of the hotel greeted us ..... from ear to ear to inform us that our luggage had arrived at reception! See you soon Meggy and Tom.

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