Life Insurance

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    After his wife was killed in a traffic accident, David was left to bring up their two-year-old daughter alone; the grieving electrician knew he could never replace 29-year-old Sarah, but he hoped that claiming on their ..... life insurance policy would help meet the costs of suddenly becoming a lone parent.

  • 2

    In 1920, the NYSE established the Stock ..... Corporation to provide a centralized system to enable the verification of information between brokers in a securities transaction and the subsequent settlement (delivery of certificates in exchange for payment) among members, banks and companies.

  • 3

    The marketing people claim a range of advantages for ..... of funds: less risk than investing in just one or two funds, a diversified portfolio both geographically and among different asset classes without having to buy dozens of funds, and avoiding the headache of constantly monitoring a portfolio.

  • 4

    The big advantage of ..... cost accounting is that it leads to absolute certainty and it fits in perfectly with the cash flow statement and so there is no doubt about balance sheet amounts; whereas the alternatives, where accountants attempt to take inflation into account, can lead to many problems.

  • 5

    An even ..... is a position for which the long position and short position have equal premiums, and therefore the investor neither pays nor receives a premium.

  • 6

    The fundamentals support $100 oil because society is happily filling their gas tanks at that price, and the issue isn't geopolitics or speculation, it's pure ..... of demand; we have calcified our demand for oil through our massive, and largely not unloadable (due to refinanced mortgages) commitment to suburbia.

  • 7

    In order to maintain the status quo, it is necessary to keep tight control on the amount of currency that is made available to the general public; increasing the amount of ..... money involves the addition of new cash to the economy, not replacing instruments that have been worn down by time and distribution.

  • 8

    The Nikkei 300 is a ..... value-weighted index of the 300 major issues selected to represent listed stocks on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; it uses a weighted average based on capitalizations of component firms that contrasts with the widely followed Nikkei Stock Average, which is an average price.

  • 9

    The vertical axis of the ..... chart shows an equal distance along the axis for each absolute change in price; a stock that moves from $20 to $30 shows the same absolute change as an increase in price from $50 to $60, even though the move from $20 to $30 represents a 50% advance while the move from $50 to $60 represents only a 20% advance.

  • 10

    The ..... annual growth rate of an investment is computed by the formula: (Pv / P0) (1/n)-1, where Pv = Present value, P0 = Beginning value and n = Number of periods; the result is multiplied by 100 to obtain a percentage.

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