Lions: Vocabulary Practice (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A lioness' young or babies are referred to as ......
  • 2
    Mother lions feed their young with milk. However, ..... usually takes place at about six to seven months old. This is when the mother slowly begins to substitute other food in place of her milk.
  • 3
    Lions are so powerful and large that they have no natural predators. However, humans are steadily encroaching into their habitats and ..... their very existence.
  • 4
    Lions live together in prides. However, at times, certain lions are ..... out of a pride, only to become nomads that are forced to live alone.
  • 5
    Common prey or ..... for lions includes gazelles, wildebeests, buffalo and zebras.
  • 6
    Lions don't normally hunt humans. However, on rare occasions, several lions have been known to be .....-eaters. These occasions are very scary for human populations.
  • 7
    Lions are a member of the ..... family of animals.
  • 8
    Lions are very strong animals so many cultures have used them to ..... strength and courage on their flags, crests and emblems.
  • 9
    Lions are some of the ..... members of the big cat family. They sleep for about 16 to 20 hours per day!
  • 10
    When lionesses hunt together, they usually encircle their prey and creep up together until they get within a suitable striking ......

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