Lots of Pieces

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Charlie didn't have much in the way of property - just ..... and pieces.
  • 2
    In fact this was a piece of ..... for Charlie as it happened.
  • 3
    Because when the ..... of the piece arrived in the shape of a burglar to steal something, he didn't find anything valuable.
  • 4
    Charlie came home when the burglar was still there but he didn't ..... to pieces, he stayed calm.
  • 5
    The burglar also had an assistant with him who clearly didn't want to get involved and have a piece of the ..... and fled.
  • 6
    Charlie decided he would say exactly what he thought of the burglar and give him a piece of his ......
  • 7
    He told him he was a wicked person and further he was a ..... piece of work.
  • 8
    The burglar explained that he didn't have a proper job and only did piece ......
  • 9
    Charlie laughed and said he was doing the same now - it was ..... of a piece with burgling.
  • 10
    Eventually the police arrived and were pleased to see Charlie was still all right and in ..... piece.

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