Lucky You

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    He told us the usual things about how everything had gone wrong - it was a typical ..... luck story.
  • 2
    With a little ..... of luck I think she'll pass her driving test first time.
  • 3
    If I were you I would certainly accept the offer. If you ask for any more you're just ..... your luck.
  • 4
    I thought the best thing was to wish them both ..... luck and hope that everything worked out well.
  • 5
    You really couldn't blame anyone for the accident because it was just a case of ..... luck.
  • 6
    Last week they ..... it very lucky because they managed to win the lottery.
  • 7
    She always seems to come out of any crisis unharmed and I'm convinced she was born under a lucky ......
  • 8
    He just couldn't make up his mind which to choose and so in the end he decided to take ..... luck.
  • 9
    Everyone decided to help him by offering money as they'd heard he was ..... on his luck.
  • 10
    After all his failures in the business world he decided to ..... his luck in the casino.

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