Management of transboundary fishing

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    In 'The Management of Transboundary Fishery Resources and Property Rights', Gordon R. Munro tackles one of the ..... questions in the field of rights-based fishing.

  • 2

    His paper concerns itself with the difficult issue of managing transboundary fishery resources, in which state, ..... alone individual, property rights may be poorly defined.

  • 3

    The paper aims to ..... new ground, in that the consequence for the management of transboundary fishing resources of establishing fishermen/company based property rights has never been properly dealt with.

  • 4

    The paper begins with a brief history of the legal position of national ownership over ..... fishery resources.

  • 5

    Munro reminds us that it is now established by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (CLS) that coastal states have property rights to the fishery resources contained within their Exclusive Economic Zones extending 200 ..... miles offshore.

  • 6

    This principle established, coastal states such as Canada quickly discovered that the stocks ..... refused to stay within their EEZ, and hence international management issues arise.

  • 7

    Two issues concern us here: one is the issue of 'shared stocks', which are fish stocks shared by two or more coastal states whose EEZs are ......

  • 8

    The CLS ..... coastal states to cooperate in the management of shared fishery resources, but provides little or no guidance as to how the cooperation is to be effected.

  • 9

    The second issue is that of 'straddling stocks', or those that move back and forth between a country's EEZ and the ..... seas.

  • 10

    The new element which is introduced into resource management when the resource is transboundary is the fact that the resource is subject to ..... by one, two, or more states which can be expected to interact with one another.

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