Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    What traits should an effective manager .....?

  • 2

    Although there are different ways to manage employees, all managers seek to ..... the goals that are set out by the company in advance.

  • 3

    Managers are also supposed to ..... employees' performance and behavior while on the job.

  • 4

    At the same time, effective managers also try to increase ..... for their companies.

  • 5

    ..... management control stresses rules and regulations and closely adheres to authority factors found in the chain of command.

  • 6

    On the other hand, ..... management control is a a type of control that focuses on external factors such as the competition that exists in an industry.

  • 7

    ..... management control emphasizes employee empowerment by encouraging staff members to partake in the decision-making process.

  • 8

    ..... managers are seen as father figures who pay more attention to employee morale and satisfaction.

  • 9

    ..... management controls highlights, and it centers on teamwork and shared belief and value systems.

  • 10

    If you were a manager, what kind of management control system would you .....?

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