Minimizing Volatility

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A good way to gain a lot of income with minimal volatility is with a ..... rate fund invested in bank loans; banks make these loans to companies as part of leveraged buyout deals and then sell them to mutual funds and other institutional investors.

  • 2

    The internationally-accepted transfer pricing standard applied for tax purposes is the ..... price; this standard separates tax considerations from economic decisions and promotes international trade and investment growth.

  • 3

    A ..... recommendation is a good way to gain a broad view, but it doesn't necessarily offer the best solution for the investor; the criteria used by each analyst may vary, so it should be considered only as an indicator.

  • 4

    ..... limited partnerships are partnerships in which new limited partners buy the existing properties in order to receive tax advantages that the old partners can no longer claim.

  • 5

    Typically, ..... loans are collateralized, reducing the lender's credit exposure to the borrower; the collateral may be a letter of credit, cash, or other stocks, bonds or investments.

  • 6

    The direct ..... method of transfer from employer-sponsored plan to employee IRA allows the latter to avoid IRS withholding tax deducted with a distribution by the company plan to the employee, even if the employee intends to place it immediately into an IRA.

  • 7

    The bond's ..... value is its value disregarding its share conversion option and based solely on its future cash payments (its maturity value plus coupons).

  • 8

    You should invest in mutual funds with a low portfolio ..... ratio, which means that the fund manager does less buying-and-selling and more buying-and-holding, thus making the fund more tax-efficient and helping you in the long run.

  • 9

    The foundation of ..... pricing theory is the concept that a security's price is driven by several factors, both company-specific factors and macro factors.

  • 10

    Including such names as BMW and Bayer, the ..... 100 is the abbreviation for Deutscher Aktienindex 100, which is a price-weighted index for Germany's top one hundred stocks.

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