Modal Verbs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I ..... be really mean to her, but I don't want to treat her like that.

  • 2

    You ..... follow the law or you will go to jail.

  • 3

    I ..... go to the wedding. I have to work on the same day.

  • 4

    I really ..... be angry with him. It's not his fault.

  • 5

    I ..... go to Hawaii this year. I've almost saved up enough money for the flight.

  • 6

    She ..... speak for a moment. She was too emotional.

  • 7

    Do you ..... to work on Sundays?

  • 8

    I ..... to pay for this traffic ticket on time.

  • 9

    It ..... rain tomorrow. The weather forecast doesn't look good right now.

  • 10

    Let's go fishing tomorrow. Do you think you ..... come over at 5 am so we can get on the lake early in the morning?

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