Money accepted

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I like to visit other countries but I find the ..... of travel is too high.

  • 2

    She is very happy because she starts her new ..... today.

  • 3

    One day I hope I shall ..... the lottery.

  • 4

    He must have a lot of money because this summer he is going on a cruise ..... the world.

  • 5

    Have you read that book ..... the life of Van Gogh?

  • 6

    Do you want ..... sugar in your coffee?

  • 7

    They do not ..... cheques in that restaurant.

  • 8

    I cannot work today because I have very bad tooth......

  • 9

    Children are not ..... in that public house.

  • 10

    You can see the ..... about the sale in the local paper.

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