Money Matters (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    There is one date you mustn't forget and that's the ..... for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.

  • 2

    If you are self-employed, you must make sure that you ..... the form indicating how much you have earned.

  • 3

    If the department agrees that you have paid too much tax in the year, you will receive a ..... in due course.

  • 4

    Each month when you receive your pay, the employer ..... a certain amount to pay towards your pension.

  • 5

    When you take out a loan, you have to pay interest on the amount you ......

  • 6

    In the tax office there will be a ..... that holds all the documents and papers connected with you.

  • 7

    There is quite a heavy financial ..... attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

  • 8

    Under the new regulations you can agree yourself to ..... the tax you have to pay on the income over the previous year.

  • 9

    As the couple had a ..... account, the money to pay the mortgage was taken from there.

  • 10

    You can decide, if you so wish, to ..... your right to take your pension at an earlier date.

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