Natural Resources

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Commodities like gold, natural gas and similar natural resources are one traditional ..... hedge: demand typically rises for such commodities, raising their prices to the advantage of their investors.

  • 2

    If timberland is destroyed or purloined, or if trees are condemned for public use, the property owner might be entitled to a deduction from his income tax; this kind of loss is termed involuntary ......

  • 3

    The ..... value of a business is equal to the value of its individual assets, assessed as if the entity would cease carrying on business; there are in fact two types, dependent on the time available for the process.

  • 4

    NASD Rule 2220 states that members must charge their customers fair prices and commissions, while InterpretiveGuideline 1220 provides a guide to what constitutes a reasonable ..... in light of this rule.

  • 5

    The key difference between municipal ..... bonds and general obligation bonds is that the latter are covered by the full faith and credit and taxing ability of the issuer, while the former are repaid from the income of the project they finance, such as a housing project or a hospital.

  • 6

    Several states have enacted regulations covering power of sale foreclosure in the last few years; however, almost thirty states still have no practical method of ..... foreclosure.

  • 7

    Paying ..... dividend can solve this problem: by offering a stock dividend at a slight discount, investors can perhaps be persuaded to opt for payment in new shares, so that cash can then remain with the company.

  • 8

    If Charles's will indicates that his heirs are to receive their inheritance ".....", his daughter Anne will get half the property and his deceased son Albert's two children will share the other half in equal portions through Albert by right of representation.

  • 9

    Alibris, the complete metrology solution provider and The Netherlands' Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, announced its IPO on Eurolist by Euronext Amsterdam; 55 million euros of newly issued shares will be in the ..... offering.

  • 10

    Because of the narrow coverage margins of the City's waterworks revenue bonds, any fluctuations in revenue due to inclement weather, etc, may affect the financial performance of the system and cause a reduction in coverage below the rate ......

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