Negotiating a Contract with Employees

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Prior to selecting a bargaining strategy, an employer must identify its goals: is it important to obtain more favorable economic terms, less restrictive contract ....., or both?

  • 2

    An employer must also determine if it has the proper person sitting at the bargaining table on its ......

  • 3

    Is it time to introduce a new face as the company spokesperson to show the union that ..... are changing?

  • 4

    Alan I. Model asserts that there are several considerations that every employer must ..... before it sits down to bargain.

  • 5

    A review of judicial and administrative rulings will help determine if contractual provisions may have been modified or even ..... by the courts or the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

  • 6

    Obtain the input of operating managers and line supervisors as to how they administer the labor agreement; often the best insights on the company's bargaining position come from the ..... lines.

  • 7

    If the company is ..... to an agreement that was negotiated by a multi-employer bargaining group, the company must determine before the beginning of negotiations whether to negotiate as part of the group or as an individual employer.

  • 8

    Construct a financial model that computes the specific cost components; this action is vital in determining the ..... of any bargaining goals and objectives.

  • 9

    Know your .....: use contacts in the labor arena to learn about the union and its officers.

  • 10

    This information may help identify any intra-union pressures ..... on a union negotiator that may facilitate or hinder attempts to reach a deal.

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