Non-monetary Services

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Venture capitalists are often willing to provide non-monetary '.....' services to young businesses which they wish to grow, helping gather the management team and prepare the company for its initial public offering, for example.

  • 2

    ..... analysis is a useful tool for making comparisons between other businesses in your industry and your own; for instance, it can indicate whether your business is collecting receivables too slowly or holding too much inventory.

  • 3

    Reliable Resources announced that it has closed ..... deal financing of 3.9 million of its common shares at $11 per share; the underwriters have an option to buy up to 600,000 more shares at the same price to cover over-allotments and for market stabilization purposes.

  • 4

    Capital stock consists of buildings, equipment and intermediate goods not directly consumed and, combined with labor, it produces a flow that yields all the goods and services produced in the economy; 'capital .....' is simply the enlargement of this capital stock.

  • 5

    ..... is the momentum which sometimes results from rapid business activity increases, and with securities, it is the process by which the exercise of stop orders in an advancing or declining market causes increased upward or downward pressure on prices.

  • 6

    In finance, ....., a statistical measure of the correlation in variations in two different quantities, is used to evaluate the annual return rates for different investments and measure the correlation of the changes in their performance from year to year.

  • 7

    MacLennon Group Ltd accesses international debt markets via its USD 20 billion World Debt Program, a comprehensive borrowing program that involves issuing a variety of ..... in a range of markets.

  • 8

    ..... deed is a deed which promises the buyer that the seller holds clear, unencumbered title to the property.

  • 9

    Some dealers in US securities use made-up or dummy ..... numbers on the first trading day or until they can update their systems with the actual numbers, but this is a poor solution because many dealers cannot submit prices using them.

  • 10

    This bond's issuer normally asks an independent attorney to give an opinion about the terms, call provisions, its taxing authority limitations, the propriety of the physical certificate, etc, but not all munis are issued with this opinion, and these are designated as ......

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