Noun and Verb Opposites (2)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    My son's baseball team ..... three games in a row. However, they lost the game last night.

  • 2

    He departs from Washington on the 7:30 flight, and, then, he ..... in California at 10:00.

  • 3

    My sister had an illness, but, now, she's in good ......

  • 4

    My best friend ..... his wife in 1999. He divorced her in 2010.

  • 5

    Our rooster crows at ....., but he doesn't make a sound at dusk.

  • 6

    The sun always rises in the ....., but sets in the west.

  • 7

    I really like that show, but my wife ..... it.

  • 8

    Robin is a teacher, but Isaac is a ......

  • 9

    Ron is a good employee, and he really likes his ......

  • 10

    Kim's little girl is an ....., but her son is a devil.

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