Noun and Verb Opposites (6)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I am looking for a solution to my problem. I don't need more questions about it from you. I need ......

  • 2

    He wants me to ..... him to go the movies until 10:00 PM. I told him that I forbid him to be out that late until he is 13-years-old.

  • 3

    I'll never ..... another person, but I will defend myself if someone hits me.

  • 4

    I didn't like the beginning of the movie, but I sure liked the ......

  • 5

    I don't play with Barbies. I'm a boy, not a ......

  • 6

    I want to sell my old car. Then, I want to ..... a new car.

  • 7

    My wife and I are going to ..... the old, condemned house on the property and build a new one in its place.

  • 8

    I have one brother and two ......

  • 9

    My car just broke down this weekend. I am going to have it ..... as soon as possible.

  • 10

    I threw the ball to him, but he did not ..... it.

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