Odd-lot Orders

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Where a person gives, either for his own account or for various accounts in which he has an actual monetary interest, buy or sell odd-lot orders which aggregate 100 shares or more, such orders shall, as far as possible, be consolidated into .....-lot units.

  • 2

    A ..... move occurs when a commodity opens up or down its maximum allowed move and does not trade again until the next session; the resulting bar or candlestick would simply be a small dash.

  • 3

    The upsurge in investment ..... was driven by a general improvement in the local business environment and transnational corporations' plan to invest on the mainland in anticipation of emerging business opportunities following China's accession to the WTO.

  • 4

    Simply put, market-..... funds aim to deliver above-market returns with lower risk by hedging bullish stock picks with an equivalent, but diversified, number of bearish, or short, bets.

  • 5

    In forecasting models, ..... is the process of removing the effects of accumulating data sets from a trend to show only the absolute changes in values and to allow potential cyclical patterns to be identified; this is done using regression and other statistical techniques.

  • 6

    The SEC believes that if economics and sound regulation dictate the establishment of an exclusive central processor for the ..... tape or any other element of the national market system, provision must be made to insure that this is not under the control or domination of any particular market center.

  • 7

    A marketable non-..... property is a property without an earning expectancy, but is of a type that is commonly bought and sold, and has a value generated by its expected use(s) and/or consumption.

  • 8

    A typical option ..... (the bid/ask quotes on all the current options for a stock) can easily have 100 or 150 options; leaving aside the fact that each option is quoted on three or four exchanges, for any two-option strategy you choose, there will be 10,000 to 20,000 possible combinations of choices.

  • 9

    We're looking for tangible assets that could be liquidated at a price that would justify the market value of the entire company: examples of these '..... assets' would be oil and gas leases that are not yet generating cash, or real estate purchased in the 1950s and still listed at cost basis on the balance sheet.

  • 10

    After you pay the remittance amount and handling charge at the post office, a postal money order is delivered to the ..... address; the latter can then cash this money order at a local post office.

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