Opposite Meanings (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    This bike trail is ..... - it's not straight at all!

  • 2

    This alleyway is very ...... Why did you tell me that it was wide before?

  • 3

    Justin is ...... Unfortunately, he is not rich.

  • 4

    Carrie is very kind, but her sister, Stephanie, is ......

  • 5

    Babies are often ...... They are not quiet most of the time.

  • 6

    That desk is very ...... It's an antique, so it's not cheap.

  • 7

    This house is ...... It's not clean at all!

  • 8

    The pavement is still wet because it just rained. It's not ....., so don't forget to wear your shoes.

  • 9

    I need gas because my tank is almost ...... It's far from full and we're going to run out of gasoline soon.

  • 10

    Kimberlie is ...... She is not fat, but she thinks she is overweight.

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